The pearl of Ferghana valley, day trip

Category: Trekking
Duration: day trip
Best Season: May — September
Difficulty: Moderate, passes at 3 300 meter
Requirements: Trekking shoes, waterproof clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses.

Distance:  15 km in trek

DESCRIPTION: Observe wildlife in a protected natural park. Escape the summer heat of the Ferghana Valley. Relax in solitude surrounded by the cool juniper forests of the Kyrgyz Ata National Reserve.  The sound of flowing water and birdsong provides a serene environment for hiking along ancient nomadic trails.  Keen eyes may spot furry marmots, soaring eagles and other birdlife. Walk in the cool dawn around the summer camps of local Kyrgyz herdsmen busy with milking cows and mares.  Spend one (or more) evenings under the wide starry sky and sleep soundly after hours of fun in the fresh mountain air.

ITINERARY: Osh city – Nookat village – Kyrgyzata (national park) — Karagoi summer camp – Nookat village – Osh city.

Drive to Kyrgyzata national reserve by car, 2 hours or 75 km. Walk up to the summit of the mountain (3300 m) and down to the shepherd’s yurts (4 hours).

The pearl of Ferghana valley

The pearl of Ferghana valley

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