Saimaluu Tash is the largest gallery of petroglyphs in Central Asia.

Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan in Saimaluu Tash. Discover the lifestyle of the local population by stopping at the CBT home stay.
  • Season:  July – August
  • Category: Trekking 
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult 
  • Accommodation & meals: 1 night camping, meals in the wild 
  • Group size: 1-6 people
  • Requirements: trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, sleeping bag with mat, sunglasses, rain coat.ent, tent
  • Remarks: Tents, sleeping bags and mats are available upon request

Saimaluu Tash (meaning embroidered or patterned stones in Kyrgyz is a petroglyph site in Jalal-Abad Province, Kyrgyzstan south of Kazarman. Over 10 000 carved pictures and perhaps as many as 11 000 which are black and white rock paintings, have so far been identified, making the site a globally important collection of rock art. They are a sacred display of offerings of the ancient people of the lower valley.

Saimaluu-Tash there are single petroglyphs and multi-image compositions that date from the early 2000 BC to 3000 BC of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, and up into the Middle Ages (8th century AD).

The largest gallery of petroglyphs in Central Asia consists of about 10 thousand individual specimens and is concentrated in the area of “Saimaluu-Tash”.The site has unquestionably long been considered to be sacred and frequently visited by local shamans.

CBT offers 2 days radial trekking to this sacred place from Kazarman.

Day 1: After breakfast from CBT home stay transfer by car for about 10 km to south west of Kazarman area and meet your guide near the river Kok-Art. Start trekking up to the gorge of Saimaluu-Tash. You will have to cross two mountain rivers. Following the single trails, you will be trekking up to the river. The total distance of ascent is 8 km and trail road is not easy as some part you will have to walk through mud snow and stones. Lunch picnic in the wild. At long last ascent the intended place afternoon, camping on the top and sightseeing in the place with a lot of petroglyph galleries. Meals in the wild and sleep in tent.
Day 2: After light breakfast and packing your tents hike down to the in the same way. Descend the finish point in 2-3 hours where you will be picked up by CBT transport and transfered for Kazarman for lunch time. Take a lunch, shower and having a rest in CBT home stay.

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