Rolling hills, 2 days

Trekking in Kyrgyzstan: Rolling hills for 2 days. Book an itinerary of your trip in CBT Tours

Category: Trekking 

Duration:  2 days, 1 night
Best Season: April — October
Difficulty: Moderate, passes at 3,200 m
Requirements: Trekking shoes, waterproof clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses

Distance: 29 km, in trekking 
Overnight stay: Yurt camp

DESCRIPTION: Visit a Kyrgyz summer yurt camp (jailoo) to experience traditional nomadic life. Join in as your Kyrgyz host milks the mares for the essential ingredient of Kyrgyz’s national beverage, kymyz. Taste national dishes in an authentic yurt. Spend a day walking or riding among the fragrant juniper forests, valued for their medicinal benefits. Relax near the cool springs and streams. Join the shepherds herding their flocks. Conquer the high rocky slopes of the Alay mountains.

ITINERARY:  Osh city – Kum Bell Pass 3150 m – Saryoi summer camp — Osh city

Day 1. Osh city –Chyyrchyck Pass 2400 m – Kumbell Pass 3150 m — Saryoi summer camp

Departure from Osh city. One hour drive on Pamir Highway takes you to the Chyyrchyck Pass. Start trekking. Trek three hours to get to the Kum Bell pass. See shepherds busy with making bread and milking mares. Have lunch at the top of the pass.  Enjoy the stunning beauty of great Alay valley. Descend through the pass amongst dense junipers. Arrive at locals’ camp and be accommodated in your yurt. Participate in shepherds’ life. Overnight and dinner are in a shepherd’s yurt.

Day 2. Asankorgon mountains – Donguzbulak gorge – Osh city

Breakfast. Morning life seems to be busy with milking cows and making creams. Walk up to the next pass at the foot of Asankorgon mountain range, 2700 m. Have lunch on the top of the pass. Enjoy the beauty of rocky mountains. Descend the pass and arrive at an unpaved road. Two hours walking takes you to the main road. Meet your driver and return to Osh city.





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