Lake Tulpar-Kol. 3 days

Category: Auto + trekking 

Duration:  3 days, 2 nights

Best Season: June — September
Difficulty: Moderate, passes at 3820 m
Requirements: Trekking shoes, waterproof clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses.

Distance: About 14 km trek
Overnight stay: Yurt camp

DESCRIPTION: Tulparkul lake lays at the foot of Lenin Peak, the highest peak in Pamir mountains at 7134 meters. The peak can be climbed through professional companies, but just getting to the yurt camp at the lake and hiking around gets you close to the peak, the glacier, and the surrounding valleys. Spend a sunny day relaxing at this alpine lake and enjoying warm yak milk inside the comfortable yurts. The area offers activities for all types of travelers, whether trekking, horseback riding, playing traditional Kyrgyz games or just enjoying traditional Kyrgyz hospitality. Do your best to hike up to ever frozen glaciers and leave the heat of Fergana valley behind.

ITINERARY: Osh city – Sarymogol village – Tulparkol lake near the Lenin Peak base camp– Osh city.

Day 1. Osh city – Sarymogol village – Tulparkul lake

The four-hour drive from Osh takes you to Sarymogol village. Arrival in the village. Lunch at CBT guesthouse. Drive about an hour to get to the yurt camp at Tulparkul lake. Be accommodated in a yurt and enjoy walking around the lake.

Day 2. Tulparkol lake – to the foot of the Lenin Peak

Breakfast.  The walk from the lake towards Peak Lenin glacier takes you straight up the valley into the Pamirs.  You are in sight of the peak the whole time with the river on your right. You will pass Peak Lenin Base Camp about 30 minutes in, and then continue, crossing several run-off streams. Avoid marmot holes. Get back to the camp the same way you went. Dinner and overnight are in a yurt.

Day 3. Tulparkul lake – Osh city.

Breakfast. Experience morning life of locals busy with milking yaks and making creams. Drive back to Osh city (4 hours).




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