Asankorgon Mountains

Category: hiking 

Duration:  day trip

Best Season: April — October

Difficulty: Moderate, passes at 2711 m

Requirements: Trekking shoes, waterproof & warm clothes, hat, sunscreen & sunglasses.

Distance: 10 km in trekking ( 4 hours )

DESCRIPTION: The feeling of adventure is mirrored by the impressive landscape; green hills and snowy peaks layered over each other to create a spectacular scene with only the grazing sheep to remind you that this is Earth.  At the highest peak of the mountain pass, the snow blows all around, impressing on you the ruggedness of such a remote land.

ITINERARY:  Osh city – Jyluu suu village- Asankorgon mountains –Saryoi summer camp – Osh city  

Early departure from Osh city. Arrival at the starting point of the hiking, 1:30 minutes. Head up to the pass through ancient trails. Crossing the small streams and walking across bushes is challenging. Have lunch at the top of the pass with the fascinating view of rocky dragon like mountain ranges.  Descend toward summer camp Saryoi. Cross the river to meet your driver. Back to Osh city.

Asan Korgon trek

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