Horseback riding and trekking tours

Come to Kyrgyzstan and experience the celestial mountain trails on horseback or trekking. As you weave under wide sky and around ancient nomad lands you will be transported back in time to the days of the silk road travelers who may have used the very same trails for caravans or follow the footprint of nomads.  A local guides will lead you and your loved ones through rolling meadows and shaded trails or along the banks of the roaring mountain's rivers,  or deep into the Great Tien-Shan mountain ranges where you will see breathtaking views of nomad yurt villages and transparent mountain's lakes like Song-Kol.  All levels of riding experience are welcomed, from first-time riders to those who have been in the saddle all of their lives. Most trail rides include a short orientation to assure open lines of communication between you and your new equine friend, also having overnights in local family yurts turn out the local nomad's life and their real culture. Advanced riders can strut their stuff with many opportunities to trot and gallop, while beginners can rest assured that guides will keep a slow pace and have the safety of the riders as their number one priority. All overnights can be in the local shepherd's yurts or camping in the wild. Be sure to book at trail ride as part of your adventure in Kyrgyzstan. You might see a herd of free horses, cows, yaks, sheeps or a pack of wild marmots . You might learn new skills like horseback ridding on the mountains or taking a horse through water. And even if the hustle and bustle of the city awaits you at the end of your vacation, you’ll bring home lasting memories of your days in the saddle or miles done by trekking out on the nomad's land.