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It's been said that Kyrgyzstan is not developed in tourism infrastructure and unknown country. And how better to experience the best of Kyrgyz culture, sacred sites, hidden places and rural villages than with our specially-selected packages?!

Captivating Kyrgyzstan offer unique destinations with variety of its landscapes, the charm of its local people, and the richness of its nomad's culture are the stuff dreams made for the explorers. We’ve scoured all over Kyrgyzstan to bring you a selection of the best sightseeing and overnight tours, active adventures, informative journeys and culture tours.

Let us introduce you to some wonderful guides and local hospitality people for your visits to Kyrgyzstan. Whether you are planning your first-ever visit to Kyrgyzstan, or your second, our experience and network of CBT communities will prove invaluable.  Your perfect trip to Kyrgyzstan starts here!