Bike tour for 11 days

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Itinerary: Bishkek – Bokonbaevo – Tuura-Suu – Kochkor – Solton-Sary – Eki-Naryn – Naryn – Song-Kol – Kyzyl-Oi — Bishkek

Duration: 11 days

Best Season: mid June — mid September

Category: Combined — cycling, transport.

Level of Difficulty: easy to medium

Group Size: 4-12 persons

Requirements: weatherproof warm clothes, trekking boots, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, sleeping bag with mat

Day 1. Depart Bishkek to Bökonbaevo Village located close to the southern shore of Ysyk-Köl Lake. You will spend the night at the nearby CBT Bel-Tam Sea Side Yurt Camp where you will sleep in a beautiful, traditional yurt and have dinner prepared for you. Get an early nights rest listening to the calming sounds of the lake just outside your yurt door.

Day 2. Have a relaxed morning breakfast and pre-trip meeting before transferring to the start of todays ride at Tuura Suu Village. The bike tour begins by traveling along a gravel road through a number of small villages and over the Ala-Bash pass (2,026m). We’ll take a break for lunch, then continue to follow the gravel road to a second village called Tuura Suu. Tonight tent camp is just passed the village next to a small river in the open pasture land where you will eat dinner, relax, and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Day 3. Todays destination is the town of Kochkor. After breakfast, ride through the rolling green jailoos (summer shepherd pastures) where the surrounding mountains on one side are a dark red and a contrasting green on the other. Descend down the twisting mountain pass and watch as the landscape changes from a lush green to a desert red. In Kochkor, relax with a hot shower, eat a homemade dinner, and sleep in a local CBT guesthouse.

Day 4. From Kochkor a driver will transfer you to Dolon Pass (3,030m). From the pass, you will bike through the open jailoos of the Soeton Sary Valley where snow-capped mountains tower above you like giants. Ride through fields of grazing cattle, goats, sheep, horses, and yaks. Stop for a picnic lunch and let your body and soul absorb the beautiful scenery. The camp will be set up in the vast alpine pastures where you can gaze up at the breathtaking night sky and fall sound asleep in your tent.

Day 5. Today ride continues through the jailoos before descending the Shamalduu Pass. Gaze over the beautiful alpine fauna as golden eagles sore through the sky, foxes run through the mountain hills, and marmots scurry back into their underground homes. Cross the pass and reach Kara-Kugur valley. On the way lunch stop in the Shepherd’s wintering hut. Late afternoon race your bike down the small mountain pass to the valley Kara-Saz where shepherds drive their cattle for summer pasture where you will eat dinner in the wild and spend the night in the tent.

Day 6. Eat a big breakfast before continuing on your journey. Today’s ride is through some of the most dramatic scenery of the trip. Descend a monstrous mountain pass with stunning panoramas. Bike through open swap land and into the deep forested gorges of Kapchygay. Camp overnight in a tent alongside the Sary Küngay river, or in the local shepherd’s yurt, eat a delicious dinner and fall asleep in the tranquility of the Kyrgyz wilderness.

Day 7. Todays final destination is the town Naryn. Continue biking along the winding mountain road through the deep forested gorge. As you leave the gorge the views open up to open valleys painted in a bright red soil. Stop for a lunch break at a local family home. Descend down and ride past the river junction where the Kichi Naryn and Naryn river intersect and eventually flow all the way to Uzbekistan. Dinner and accommodation will be in a local CBT guesthouse.

Day 8. A driver will transfer you to the mountain pass 32 Serpantin where you will continue the tour to Song-Köl Lake (3,016m). As you cross the high mountain pass the countryside plateaus into vast, open jailoos that are filled with shepherd yurts and livestock in the summer months. The landscape is scattered with rock outcrops perfect for bouldering and the alpine lake Song-Köl is surrounded by imposing snow-capped peaks on either side. Spend the night sleeping in a yurt alongside the lake shore and observe the nomadic life of the shepherds.

Day 9. After breakfast, ride along the northern shoreline of the lake where the colossal mountains of the Song-Köl Too Range stretch right down into the water. You will bike over paths that cut right through middle of open water and be captivated by the sensational scenery of this region. Camp on the west side of the lake, sleep in a yurt and fill your appetite with traditional food that is prepared by your shepherd hosts.

Day 10. Today is the final bike ride! Ride along the footsteps of the Balykty Mountains and cross the headwaters of the Kara-Keche River before descending down the mountains beside the river to the village Bash- Kayyngdy. From the village a driver will transport you to Kyzyl-Oy where your accommodation is in a CBT guesthouse.

Day 11. Get up late morning, have a breakfast in the family home stay and transfer for Bishkek.

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