Native Kyrgyzstan: «Hospitality», Shepherd’s life, Nomad’s skills …

Special offer 2019 … !!!!

Travelling is for new expectations and practices.

We are happy to open up the Kyrgyz traditions, customs and way of life. The best way is not to be tourist, but friend, not guest but member of family.

For the short period, you can feel and experience hospitality of Kyrgyz people, learn new skills, meet with interesting people and enjoy picturesque nature of Kyrgyz Land.

Welcoming guests in Kyrgyz way, business making as local farmers, everyday life of shepherds and helping them with household in jailoos, summer pastures, traditional cuisine, music, handicrafts.

All these things you can explore together with us. Join for our adventure and enjoy your traveling in Kyrgyzstan!

Fill your life with experience, not things.  Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

Day 1) August, 27 — Tuesday: Introduction and Orientation in Bishkek and travel for Kyzyl-Oi village

On the first day of the program, we hope to gather all of the participants in Bishkek to have a brief introduction to the programs of the following week in addition to introducing the participants to each other and to the guides and interpreters for the trip. After this session, the participants transfer to Kyzyl-Oi village in Suusamyr Valley of Chui Oblast. This is approximately a three to four hour drive from Bishkek. Upon arrival, participants will have dinner with their respective homestay families.

Day 2) August, 28 — Wednesday: Hospitality in Kyzyl Oi Village

The morning of the second day we would start preparing for guests meeting and celebrations evening. Local hosts will lead participants in the making of traditional Kyrgyz foods. This preparation will include the slaughter of a sheep, a very important aspect of Kyrgyz cuisine and culture. After the participants finish preparing dinner, village elders will be invited to dine with them. Participants will learn how to serve traditional Kyrgyz cuisine and about the culture of hospitality in Central Asia. Some entertainment will be provided.

Day 5, August, 29 — Thursday: Animal Market and Son Kol Lake in Kuiruchuk Village

This day will begin very early, with the participants leaving Kyzyl Oi village around 6 AM to go to Kuiruchuk village, where there is a famous animal market. In the market, participants will be given approximately 4000 som and asked to purchase a sheep from local farmers. This is a very important practice in Kyrgyzstan and it will be interesting for participants to try to haggle with the local buyers in order to acquire a sheep. They will have 2 hours to complete this task. After they have purchased their sheep they will proceed to Kyzart village by car. In Kyzart they will have lunch. After lunch they will begin the horseback riding to scenic Son-Kol lake by horse. This journey by horse will take 4/5 hours. At the end of the journey the participants will be accommodated in a yurt camp near the lake.

Day 4, Aug 30 — Friday: Shepherd’s day in Son Kol and Kochkor

On this day the participants will learn some skills from local shepherds such as milking, cream making, and bread baking. The participants will lunch with the shepherds then go with them into jailoo, or pasture, to tend to the shepherd’s herds. Through doing this, participants will learn about traditional nomadic life and some shepherding traditions. During this time, participants will be asked to find the sheep they had bought at the previous day’s market and should attempt to catch their sheep. Once caught, sheep (and participants) will be taken to Kochkor by car. Participants will dine and sleep in Kochkor.

Day 5, Aug 31 — Saturday: Selling sheep and handicraft workshop in Kochkor and Kara Suu

In the morning of this day, participants will go to Kochkor’s animal market to sell the sheep they have bought (hopefully at a profit). In this way they will have participated fully in shepherding life. After selling their sheep, participants will proceed to Kara Suu village (approximately 20 km from Kochkor). In Kara Suu, participants will have lunch and then begin a handicraft workshop with master felter Guljan Sulaimanova. She will instruct them in the making of traditional Kyrgyz handicrafts made with sheep wool. Participants will dine and sleep in Kara Suu.

Day 6, September 01 — Sunday: Handicrafts and Eagle show in Kara Suu village and Bokonbaeva

In the morning, after breakfast, participants will continue with the handicrafts that they started the day before. This workshop will continue until lunch. After lunch the participants will be taken to Bel Tam yurt camp in Bokonbaev village. This is a very scenic camp on the shores of Issyk-Kol lake. Here participants will have a relaxed afternoon, perhaps with an eagle hunting demonstration from a local eagle hunter.

Day 7, September 02- Monday: Apple picking and closing ceremonies

The morning of this day, participants will collect apples from local orchards and have a jam making class until lunch. We will make some jams with apples and berries.

After lunch, back in Bel Tam yurt camp, we will have a traditional Kyrgyz Sarmerden, or talent show. Local performers will entertain the participants and also recognize those participants who had the most success in different categories throughout the trip, such as best businessman (from selling sheep) and best artisan (from the handicraft workshop), etc. There will be traditional Kyrgyz dinner served in the yurt and some festivities to close the last day of our adventure.

Day 8, September, 03 — Tuesday: After breakfast transfer for Bishkek. Accommodation in hotel. Free day. (4 hours driving)

The number of participants is limited.

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