June 11-24, 2019: Hiking to alpine lakes of Song-Kol and Ala-Kol

Guaranteed tour 2019 June 11 — 24, 2019 !

Travelling is for new expectations and practices.

We are happy to open up the Kyrgyz traditions, customs and way of life. The best way is not to be tourist, but friend, not guest but member of family.

For the short period, you can feel and experience hospitality of Kyrgyz people, learn new skills, meet with interesting people and enjoy picturesque nature of Kyrgyz Land.

Welcoming guests in Kyrgyz way, business making as local farmers, everyday life of shepherds and helping them with household in jailoos, summer pastures, traditional cuisine, music, handicrafts.

All these things you can explore together with us. Join for our adventure and enjoy your traveling in Kyrgyzstan!

Fill your life with experience, not things.  Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

Day 1, June 10

This day meeting with all participants over coffee. Meeting and instruction.

Day 2, June 11

Day 1 Bishkek to Kyzyl-Oi: Depart from Bishkek in the morning and drive about 200km south to Kyzyl Oi village.  Nestled deep in the Suusamyr Valley and alongside the mighty Kokomeren River, Kyzyl-Oi is an idyllic mountain village full of friendly people and wonderful guesthouses where you will stay and rest up for your ensuing adventure.

Day 3, June 12

Trek day 1

Kyzyl-Oi to Oi-Kaying: Today your journey begins just outside of Kyzyl-Oi village, where you with meet your guides and get acquainted with your horses. Setting off, you will slowly ascend along a very easy trail through the Oi-Kaying Jailoo. At the 6 kilometer mark, you will pass a large rock with ancient Persian writing, an interesting sight for archeological enthusiasts and history lovers alike. After this you will continue through the Jailoo for about 15km, ascending gradually until you reach your camp spot at an elevation just below 3000m, overlooking the valley from which you just came.  You will camp near local shepherd settlements and learn a little about Kyrgyz nomadic life and taste the local cuisine.

Day 4, June 13

Trek day 2

Oi Kaying to Sary Kol: Start the day by continuing to climb gradually up the Oi Kaying Jailoo until you reach the mountain pass sitting at 3411m.  Here you will be rewarding with an incredible panoramic view of the valley below, dotted with horses, cattle, yurt settlements, and fir forests. As you snake your way down from the pass watch as the landscape around you changes from high alpine to dense forest.  You will split from the main road, continuing on a smaller trail that traverses the mountain side, weaving between fir trees and winding creeks.  After about 20km from your starting point, you will settle along the shores of Sary-Kul, a splendid lake surrounded by lush greenery and serene forests.

Day 5, June 14

Trek day 3

Day 6, June 15

Trek day 4

Oktorkoi to Kyzart Pass: From Oktorkoi, continue on to Kyzart Pass, traversing rolling hills and open fields. After arriving at Kyzart Pass, there will be transportation provided to Kyzart Village and you will spend the night at a local guesthouse. Enjoy a shower and a warm bed for the night, and recharge for the rest of the adventure that will continue the next morning!

Day 7, June 16

Trek day 5

After overnight trek over Tuz-Ashuu pass to Tuz-Ashuu yurt stay, where you relax at Song-Kol lake. You will see Tuz-Ashuu pass and spectacular panoramic view to Jumgal valley and behind the Song-Kol valley. Meals and B&B will be at Tuz-Ashuu yurt stay.

Day 8, June 17:

Spend the day enjoying refreshing and well-earned rest at the lake side.  Watching and/or participation in everyday life of shepherds: milking mares; making national milk products like kymyz (a fermented mare’s milk) or airan (a sour dense milk product); tending cattle. Eat a delicious lunch here, stroll along the lakeshore, and hope the legendary Song-Kol weather is kind. Meals and accommodation at Song-Kol Lake.

 Day 9, June 18:

Morning transfer to Bokonbaevo village, have a lunch at home stay at Kochkor village. Afternoon learn how “ala kiiz” – a Kyrgyz felt carpet — is made. Continue transfer to Bokonbaevo village, upon arrival see eagle hunting show for a life prey. By dinner time transfer to Bel-Tam yurt camp for the dinner and overnight at yurt camp.

Day 10, June 19:

Morning transfer to Karakol town, on the way we will make a stop at Skazka Canyons (Fairy Tale Canyons), continue transfer and make another stop at Jety-Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls). Visit the Kök-Jaik area (Valley of Flowers), 2-3 hours. Picnic lunch en-route. Upon arrival to Karakol, followed with a short city tour, visit the Dungan Mosque and the Russian Orthodox Church. Overnight at home stay home stay. (dinner is extra)

Day 11, June 20:

Trek day 1:

Morning transfer to Kararakol gorge till the 1st bridge where you will start 3 days trekking tour to Ala-Kol lake. This day you will cross 2 waterfalls and see amazing view of the valley. Put your tent at Sirota campbase.

Day 12, June 21:

Trek day 2:

After breakfast continue your trek will crossing Ala-Kol pass (3860 m.) to the Keldike Gorge and from the pass see the excellent panoramas of Takyr-Tor Glacier and five thousand mountain peaks of Terskey Ala-Too. Walk to the Altyn-Arashan resort, which is situated 2 450 m. above sea level. Camp at this wonderful place which is surrounded by magnificent rocks and from where a lot of streams begin from the glaciers. Overnight in a tent.

Day 13, June 22:

Trek day 3:

Spend time in Altyn-Arashan gorge. At the Altyn-Arashan resort is possible to take a thermal water bath. You will never be able to forget the sight of the snow on Peak Palatka (Tent) 5260 m. or “Swallow’s Nest Pool”, nestling beneath the open sky. Afternoon transfer to Karakol by Russian military Jeep UAZ. Transfer to guest house, by dinner time transfer to Dungan village, where you will have traditional Dungan (Chinese Muslims) cuisine. Transfer back to guest house.

 Day 14, June 23:

Morning transfer to Chong-Kemin valley to Karol-Dobo village. On the way make a stop in Cholpon-Ata to visit an open-air petroglyph (rock painting) gallery (5km from Cholpon-Ata, heading to the mountains). Lunch en-route in a café. Upon arrival to home stay, free time, you can walking at surrounding area, dinner and B&B at home stay.

Day 15, June 24:

Morning transfer to Bishkek, on the way make a stop at Burana tower architectural complex (10-11th century, an important point on the Great Silk Road), 15km from the main road. have a lunch at Kyrgyz family near Burana tower. Upon arrival to Bishkek, your hotel accommodation. End of the tour.

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