hhmmm… Mountain’s Lakes and nomad’s life!…

Let’s explore the most beautiful Mountain Lakes from Kyrgyzstan: Lake Besh-Tash, Lake Song-Kol, Lake Kol-Suu, Lake Kol-Ukok, Lake Kol-Tor, Lake Yssyk-Kol.

  • Itinerary: Bishkek – Talas — Trekking in Besh-Tash — Kyzyl-Oi village, Kyzart, Trekking in Song-Kol, Naryn, Kol-Suu, Kochkor, Yssyk-Kol — Bishkek.
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Starts: Sunday, Aug 05, 2018
  • Category: combined – 12 days auto /medium-level trekking and walkings for 8 days to the Lakes
  • Level of Difficulty: medium
  • Group Size: maximum 12 people
  • Requirements: weatherproof warm clothes, trekking boots, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

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Sunday, Aug 05: Morning transfer from Bishkek to Talas following the highway road Bishkek – Osh. On the way, you will cross Too-Ashuu and Otmok pass. Lunch on the way at cafe. Arrival in Talas afternoon visit the national complex museum “Manas Ordo”. You can have interesting historical details about great Kyrgyz epos Manas. Evening dinner at CBT guesthouse and overnight. (Driving time: 4 hours)

Monday, Aug 06: After breakfast, your driver take you into the gorge Besh-Tash where you will meet your guide team to start trekking over the Lake Besh-Tash to the place Itagar. Lunch picnic on the lakeside and wondering around with shepherd’s pasture and spectacular views. After picnic crossing the pass Besh-Tash and descent the gorge Itagar where you stop to set up a camping tent for overnight in wild. Dine and sleep in tent. (Trekking time: 5-6 hours)

Tuesday, Aug 07: Today trekking down along the river Itagar until the gorge Chychkan where your driver meet you and transferring to Kyzyl-Oi village. Lunch on the roadside cafes. Arrival in Kyzyl-Oi village, overnight in CBT home stay with dinner. (Trekking time: 5-6 hours, driving time: 2-3 hours)

Besh-Tash trekking map route 

Wednesday, Aug 08: After breakfast, start morning day with driving to Jumgal region to the gorge Bazar-Turuk to start the next trekking to Song-Kol destination. Today you can reach jailoo Kilemche, which is located on the slop of Song-Kol Mountain range. After 5-6 hours easy trekking up to the river bazar-turuk, local family welcomes you to be an honorable guest in their yurts. Have a tasty dinner with shepherd’s family and overnight in the yurt camp with comfort blankets.  

Thursday, Aug 09: After breakfast at Kilemche, spend the morning climbing to Jalgyz Karagai pass (3400 m), over the Song-Kol Mountains and into the lake’s basin. The morning climb affords wonderful views of Kilemche jailoo, and the pass itself is rocky and exciting.  From the pass, Song-Kol is still distant, but as you traipse down the slopes, it gets larger and larger; the mountains on the other side get higher and higher until finally, the lake fills most of your field of view and the southern mountains tower above it.  After lunch at Jaman Echki, follow the sheep trail on the Song-Kol Valley East to the yurt camp Batai-Aral. Upon arrival, meet your host family of Kyrgyz shepherds. Meals and overnight are in a yurt of shepherds. Trek time: 5-6 hours

Friday, Aug 10: Spend the day enjoying refreshing and well-earned rest at the lakeside.  Watching and/or participate in everyday life of shepherds: milking mares; making national milk products like kymyz (a fermented mare’s milk) or airan (a sour dense milk product); tending cattle. Eat a delicious lunch here, stroll along the lake shore, and hope the legendary Song-Kol weather is kind. Afternoon transfer to Naryn, 2.5 hours. Accommodation in CBT guesthouse with dinner.

Saturday, Aug 11: After early breakfast travel by car to the Lake Kol-Suu. The Lake is located on Kyrgyz-China border and the road takes through At-Bashy Mountain’s road. Arrival in the place for late lunchtime and after having a lunch in local shepherd’s yurt walking to the Lake Kol-Suu. Free time and sightseeing with the stunning view of the Kol-Suu valley. Dine and sleep in a yurt. Optional to do horseback riding around the place.

Sunday, Aug 12: After late breakfast, spend morning time at the place. Optional to do horseback riding around the yurt camp. After lunch  transfer back to Naryn. Late afternoon arrival in Naryn, accommodation in CBT guesthouse with dinner.

Monday, Aug 13: After breakfast, travel to Kochkor via Eki-Naryn. Today you can see the different landscape following the up to the legendary biggest river in Kyrgyzstan “Naryn River”. The road itinerary goes through narrow rocky gorges and while space mountain valleys. On the way, you will see the plenty of semi-wild yak flocks and nomad yurt villages. Lunch picnic in the wild with panorama view of Tien-Shan Mountains and arrival in Kochkor by late afternoon. Accommodation in CBT guesthouse with dinner.

Tuesday, Aug 14: Today it is a time again to explore the next hidden Lake Kol-Ukok in a Chest. (“ Kol-Ukok” means ‘The Lake in a Chest’ and is nestling between two steep slopes in the North-Eastern Terskei Ala-Too Mountains).

The day starts with transferring by car from Kochkor to Isakeev village, 30 minutes. Meet your local guide team and start trekking to the Ters-Tor jailoo, famous for its pure air and lots of clear water. Arrival in the shepherd’s yurt at Kol-Ukok (Trek time: 4-5 hours. Meals and B&B in a yurt.

Wednesday, Aug 15: After breakfast for challengers we offer morning radial trek to the higher Kol-Tor Lake (Trek time: 3 hours) at 3 400 meters ASL. Return for lunch in the yurt. After lunch trek back to the tour starting point (Trek time: 3,5 hours). Transfer to Kochkor. After this final trekking day for our great Lake explorers, we are proud to present you our pearl of the Tien-Shan “Lake Issyk-Kul”. Just two hours driving to the south lakeshore of Yssyk-Kul and you will enjoy the dinner and meet sunset together with Lake Yssyk-Kol. This evening you enjoy with farewell dinner with national folklore concert and sleep in the yurt camp that is located just on the lakeshore.  

Thursday, Aug 16: Late breakfast and free time at the place. You can swim in the Lake and take your time to rest. Before lunch getting prepare we invite you for traditional eagle hunting show by local Falconers. Our hunter tells you legendary stories about eagles and demonstrates you hunting with eagles.

After lunch, a transfer for Bishkek. Arrival in Bishkek, accommodation in your hotel. END OF PROGRAM.


Lake Besh-Tash

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